August 18th, 2009

Default: Amano Locke

Heri Joensen guest-sings on Ensiferum's new album

Here's a new interview with Petri Lindroos of Ensiferum, conducted at Ankkarock earlier this month...

Around 4:45, Pete mentions that Heri Joensen of Týr was invited to do the vocals on their cover of Vandraren by Nordman! The song will be a bonus track on the limited edition version of From Afar, out next month.

"The guest vocalist on that one - the band called Týr - their singer Heri will [be] singing that one. So we can get the authentic Scandinavian language and stuff on that one, because our Swedish sucks. We cannot do that one, unless we're piss-drunk onstage and it's just like, "Yeah, let's do it, all right!" Then we can do it, but... It just sounds better." XD

Other news of possible interest: Ensiferum has officially inducted Emmi Silvennoinen, thus far their session keyboardist, into the band. Ensiferum now officially has a chick rocking alongside the guys :D

Also, Pete reveals that he did not, in fact, leave Norther. He was kicked out of the band. That he formed. =/