September 27th, 2009


I met a band...

Same story, this band promoted their new album "Wer Wind saet" in our local Saturn store. I knew the band from a magazine-promotion- CD and an interview in the same magazine, but not very well. I´m not that familiar with medieval rock or the medieval scene around it.
Something special to mention about their albums is, that heavy metal singer Doro Pesch sings one Song "Salome" with them.
They were fun on stage, when they rocked with bagpipes and "new" mediaval instruments. One of them told a funny story about a chinese,that they got to feed with rice, so they had to make an album to get the money to pay all the food.
They told the audience to clap their hands, shout and dance along and were really funny and rocked the house. They even had a small fanclub, who knew them from concerts, some wore "Subway to Sally" or "In Extremo " T-shirts or dressed all in black/gothic style. You could tell, who was into that music by looking at the people and who was just shopping and had a look on what was going on.

Afterwards, they posed for pictures and let fans take pics with them.
I got a sigend copy of their album as well and tried to talk to the singer. I asked him wether he´s the one who sings, because he played bagpipes during the performance, so I couldn´t tell and he said , yes he´s the
"Schreihals"= squaller that I hear on the CD.

I asked him for his name and he said "Alea", then I appologized for not knowing the band and names, admitting that I heared about them just some days ago, but was curious to see them. He said never mind and thanked me for coming. He was really cute, but I was taller wearing shoes with heels ;-D.
He really looked like in the magazin and like you see him in the video.

Some complained, that their song in the video was a copy of Rammstein´s "Mutter", because it´s about cloning, but listen to it , lol, that´s not like Rammstein.

My Dying Bride to release 'Bring Me Victory' EP this year it seems. Anyone knew about this before?


I'm just curious as to whether this means 'Bring Me Victory' will be extended into a longer version on this release (if they do mean the one from the recent album).

I'm also curious about the new video they're talking about... 

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