October 23rd, 2009



Japanese Folk-Heavy metal, with both a male and female singer. They're cited as sounding like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden (and have even contributed to tribute albums for these two), though with a distinctive Japanese flavour. I really like them myself, but what about you ladies? Kuroneko (the female vocalist) mentions Kate Bush as amoung her influences, so those of you out there reading this who still assume that female-fronted, clean vocals = symphonic would do yourself a favour in taking this into account. 

I know, we've all discussed this before but I just felt that I had to put that reminder there. :/ Not meaning to stir up trouble, of course.

Anyhoo; check out these offerings from Onmyo-Za. I wish I had translations of the lyrics for you, but as it is I can't seem to find them online so far. Apparently they're not that easy to translate, even for contemporary Japanese!

Collapse )And for fun, the Iron Maiden cover... just watch this video. XD