October 29th, 2009


"Gothic" metal - what is it?

 I should mention that I personally don't consider bands like My Dying Bride, Swallow the Sun or Paradise Lost as gothic metal - they're just death/doom for me, and even though two of the ones that I've cited are sometimes credited with influencing most bands that seem to often carry the label of this genre I feel that they've become something that may be considered distinctive (I certainly think so, myself). 

My question though, 'what is gothic metal' may irk a number of you guys also because of its connotations with symphonic bands like Madder Mortem, Leaves' Eyes, etc. as well as whether it's a legitimate subgenre like thrash, black metal and so on. 



These sort of bands aren't my taste and (to me) seem to make up the majority of "gothic metal", but I'm beginning to wonder as to whether it is indeed fair to equate the label with that particular sound. 


It wasn't until recently that I found that bands which fall into this category don't necessarily have to have a symphonic sound (i.e. violins, cellos and such and such), which has led to me trying to reconsider what gothic metal IS and where its apparent place in metal as a whole seems to lie. Hence, why I've decided to ask since I feel that by being dismissive of bands which are given this label I'm not really being fair (or am perhaps relying too much on category names to a degree)..


So would it be alright to discuss this, or is the answer to my original question more or less right under my nose? 

(That said, will there ever be a metal equivalent of iconic "goth rock" groups like Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees and so on as silly as this may sound...)

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