April 28th, 2010


Ludicra show/fotos

Sorry for my inactivity on here, this is still one of my favorite music communities on lj and I check it whenever I log on.

Anyway, last Friday my boyfriend, a close friend of ours and I went to see Ludicra in Knoxville. I don't remember if I talked about them before on here but I've really wanted to see them for about 5 years now. Mission accomplished. Slightly disappointed they didn't play "Userpent" or really much of anything off Hollow Psalms or Another Great Love Song, but it was such an intense show. I want to see them again already.

Aesop(Who's also the drummer of Aggaloch, and runs a great music blog called COSMIC HEARSE. get on it!) talked to me and my boyfriend for a good while before the show. He told us stories about his days playing in Hickey(a band I've loved when I was still a teenager), horror movies and music. Totally solid dude. I also met Laurie Sue after the show as well. She gave me a huge sweaty hug and told me how this was one of the best shows she played and how she saw me stay up front the whole time even when the trainhoopers were trying to 'mosh'/be dicks to everybody. awwwww. It was just an intense night all around.

Stoked on life.

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