August 13th, 2010

scream for me

Iron Maiden - new album

Iron Maiden´s "the final frontier" -album was released today in Germany.

Tracklist :

Satellite 15...the final frontier > see video about a man lost in space
El Dorado > free download
Mother of Mercy > song about war
coming home > Bruce sings about his feelings after being on stage and flying away in a plane
the alchemist > about Alchemy
Island of avalon > about avalon
Starblind > just poetry
The talisman > person in a storm on the ocean, hoping to survive
the man who would be king > about a man feeling guilty for what he did
when the wild wind blows > about a couple and the end of the world

it´s difficult to say something about the music, it´s more diverse than the last album and much better than the "el dorado" single. Some songs got some folk elements and "satellite" has a for Maiden unusal soundeffect intro, the rest is like you know their music from the other albums > galloping bass, melodic guitarsolos, Bruce´s wailing voice