September 17th, 2010


Gender and Metal: Male and Female energy

On Friday, due in part to running late with my own deadlines and to being tied up with a string of non-stop family visiting; I had posted a link to both Doro Pesch’s rendition of heavy metal classic ‘Breaking the Law’, and the original as performed by Judas Priest. Although this was basically a last minute decision, seeing as how I was unable to put up a review or interview due to lack of time following from Thursday; I should add that it wasn’t completely done in haste since I felt that both were relevant to one of the various issues in regards to gender and metal which I believe tend to get overlooked in favour of the typical “chickie poos/chicks with balls” debate that is so often exhausted to death.

(Read the rest of the article at Me(n)tal-Meltdown)


I hope that this is okay to post here. Also, are there any sweeping generalisations in my piece? Anything else I could have discussed in depth? Please let me know either on the page itself or here!

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