November 5th, 2011


October round up for Me(n)tal-Meltdown!

I realise I forgot to link back to my blog for last month, so here's what was missed...

I can't recall if I brought this up before, but I asked the question about Italian Oil, English Water. Or: Lacuna Coil vs. Depeche Mode

Then there were a couple of surprising reviews - one which featured a small comeback of sorts from Norwegian one-man band project, Myrkgrav, as the brains behind it (Lars Jensen) did a split with Voluspaa

The second surprise was a review for a groove metal album... an epic, groove metal album. Check out what I said about Seven7's latest record to see what I mean!

And at the risk of being redundant... I wrote down my thoughts on that, um, Baby Metal video had posted last week.

Happy reading, everyone!