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"Megadeth and Dream Theater to co-headline GIGANTOUR 2005

    For Immediate Release:


    It's called GIGANTOUR, and it's the brainchild of MEGADETH
    frontman/guitarist DAVE MUSTAINE.

    Set to launch in late July, GIGANTOUR is a six-week festival
    trek co-headlined by MEGADETH and DREAM THEATER, who'll be
    accompanied by other mainstage acts Fear Factory, Dillinger
    Escape Plan and Nevermore. Artists for the second stage will
    be announced in the coming weeks.

    GIGANTOUR follows MEGADETH's sold-out 2004 "Blackmail The
    Universe" Tour in support of 2004's THE SYSTEM HAS FAILED--
    MEGADETH's tenth studio album--which debuted on the charts
    at #18 and was critically hailed as a brilliant return to form.
    Bandmates Glen Drover (guitar), James MacDonough (bass) and
    Shawn Drover (drums) will once again join MUSTAINE on the road.

    GIGANTOUR--whose moniker was inspired by the classic 1960's
    cartoon "Gigantor"--will criss-cross North America, with stops
    in amphitheatres and arenas in cities including Los Angeles,
    New York, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, Washington,
    Philadelphia, Boston, Denver and Minneapolis, among others.
    The tour is implementing the "fan friendly" ticket price of
    approximately $35 each. MUSTAINE notes: "I think people may
    want an affordable alternative to the choices out there--along
    the lines of a pure music festival--like Monsters of Rock or
    Clash of the Titans."

    MUSTAINE handpicked the bands for GIGANTOUR, with a focus on
    musicianship. "There are few very successful tours out each
    summer and in order to be significant, I knew the first
    Gigantour had to make an impact with top bands like DREAM THEATER,
    Fear Factory, Dillinger Escape Plan and Nevermore." MUSTAINE
    wanted to "put together a festival that consisted of positive
    bands that play heavy music in a high energy environment."

    MUSTAINE comments on the other bands he's chosen for the
    GIGANTOUR mainstage. "I think that the variety of playing
    styles and the credibility of the different players is really
    exciting. I'm looking forward to spending time with DREAM THEATER
    --including my friend Mike Portnoy--while on the road. I think
    DREAM THEATER is unbelievably talented. I can't wait to see what
    their set list is going to be for this festival."

    Mike Portnoy from DREAM THEATER comments on the band's perspective
    on the tour. "I think we probably bring some diversity to the bill,
    because we're kind of like chameleons--we can fit into a lot of
    different situations. We've done shows in the past with Iron Maiden,
    Slayer and Pantera, and then we've also done shows with Elton John,
    Yes and Deep Purple. I think our fan base is very diverse like
    that too." Portnoy sees GIGANTOUR as a "kind of a meeting of
    musicians and metal-heads." He adds: "I've been listening to
    MEGADETH since day one and always admired them and Dave as an
    artist--he's constantly stuck to his guns and stuck by the music
    he believes in. MEGADETH are one of the pioneers of the genre."
    GIGANTOUR marks the first U.S. leg of DREAM THEATER dates in
    support of their forthcoming release OCTAVARIUM, due out
    June 7 on Atlantic Records.

    MUSTAINE first toured with Fear Factory in 1994. "I think Fear
    Factory and Dillinger Escape Plan are really going to add something
    different to the tour and bring some new people in." He continues,
    "The frontman of Nevermore [Warrell Dane] used to be in a band
    called Sanctuary and I produced their first record."

    MUSTAINE is excited to hit the road and has a positive outlook
    for GIGANTOUR. "I look forward to watching this develop over
    the years and seeing how we can turn this into something that's
    going to stand the test of time. And if this works, and it really
    works, maybe we'll take it elsewhere."

    Stay tuned for tour dates, venues and information about the
    second stage bands to be announced soon."

To Sum it up: Big North American Tour featuring Megadeth, Dream Theater, Fear Factory, DEP, and Nevermore

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