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For Arch Enemy Fans!

ARCH ENEMY guitarist Michael Amott has posted the following studio update on the group's official web site:

"As the long and cold Swedish winter has slowly lost its icy grip on our country here up in the north, the sun has been shining and it has been an unusually couple of warm weeks here…the spring is finally here! A cause for celebration I think! Bring me a glass of wine!

"That said, we've had no time to enjoy the pleasant change of weather — as we have been locked away in the studio…recording the new ARCH ENEMY album!

"Yes, as you know — we are finally in the studio with ARCH ENEMY to record the follow up to 2003's 'Anthems of Rebellion' and I am happy to report that everything is going very, very well…

"We are working at Slaughterhouse studio in Halmstad, Sweden with Rickard Bengtsson (producer and engineer)…so the studio is close and we can live at home and still record this album — which is great!

"As usual, we need someone with a critical pair of ears recording us and Rickard Bengtsson is making us work hard at making the ULTIMATE METAL ALBUM! Our poor little musician fingers are bleeding! HA!

"We started off with recording drums (logically — duh!) — and WOW, they sound totally amazing! Daniel really excelled himself — once again! When you think he must be peaking, the guy just keeps getting better and better, we are all quite amazed by his performance on these new songs! The grooves of these new tracks are catchy and powerful as hell, really making the songs come alive. The superb drumming skills of Daniel Erlandsson — a big part of the ARCH ENEMY sound for sure.

"We are now nearing the end of one of the long hard roads…the epic saga of recording rhythm guitars on an ARCH ENEMY album! Recording all the riffs super tight and making it sound really punchy and 100% awesome is a long process, but we are almost there now, and we have some amazing riffs on this new album…oh yes. Maybe the fact that we are all jumping around the studio, headbanging, playing air guitar/drums is a good sign?? Let's hope so, eh!?

"I do feel that we are capturing some of that old metal magic here… You know, back in the day when bands would spit out one classic riff after the other — with such incredible ease and flair! Sometimes I think that the KILLER hard rock/metal riff is in danger of dying… But we are doing out best here to revitalize it!!! Wooohoooo….

"(As for the subject of the seemingly long lost art of the QUALITY guitar solo — don’t get me started on that one…)."

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