†he €arthling (sadisticxfaerie) wrote in fem_metalheads,
†he €arthling

Last night was awesome. One of the best shows...but then again the only other show I've been to was a Hoobstank one...don't even ask.

Into Eternity wasn't there, instead Behemoth took thier place. They were pretty awesome. Lots of headbanging and moshing. Mmmm moshing. I can't say what songs they sang, cause honestly I've never listend to them.

After them was Black Dahlia. No words to describe. They played all my favorite songs along with 2 new songs from 'Miasma' (which by the way is coming out July 12th) Everyone was just going wild. I got pushed down and elbowed...probably gonna get a bruise. But Trevor was just fuckin amazing!

Nile, you could tell ALOT of people weren't really into them. Hardly anyone moshed and maybe 10 people were headbanging. They really didn't interest me...the vocalist was creepy with that blad spot...

Unfotunatly, due to circumstances I wasn't able to see King Diamond. My mom dicided she didn't want to wait in the car for atleast an hour so I could see them, and then used the excuse as I got school...Bah, I want November to be here already!

Tags: music: reviews
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