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Morbid Angel guitarist missing

MONSTROSITY drummer Lee Harrison has issued the following update regarding missing MORBID ANGEL/MONSTROSITY guitarist Tony Norman:

"After returning from the last MORBID ANGEL tour, Tony was supposed to have some 'down time' from MORBID ANGEL and we talked about getting together to write some new MONSTROSITY material. I called him several times after the tour and always got no answer. I just presumed he was busy and didn't think too much of it. A few weeks go by and I'm still trying him with no answer... Next, I get a call from David Vincent [MORBID ANGEL bassist/vocalist], who is concerned, saying he hasn't heard from Tony. At this point I still think he is probably just 'off doing his thing.' Well, another week goes by and Tony is supposed to leave with MORBID to do this Portugal show and Vincent says he still hasnt heard anything and now it's getting really strange. We ask all of his close friends and no one has seen or heard from him. We've called his family, gone to his girlfriend's place of work (she is missing, too, and she doesn't work there anymore), checked hospitals, jails, we've gone to places where he might hang out and no one has seen him. It's just not like him to vanish like that.

"David has filed a police report but the attitude with them is that without any evidence something is wrong they can't do anything. Understandable in a way ... but not helping matters. I talked to David and suggested doing the press release and he agreed. I thought for sure Tony would see it or someone he knows would see it and tell him but it's been over a week since the release and still no Tony.

"Again, if anyone sees Tony or knows anything please have him call either David or I. A lot of people have been taking this as a joke or some kind of hoax but it isn't. Tony didn't make the Portugal flight and now his family and friends are really freaking out..."

Tony Norman joined MONSTROSITY in August 1998 and has recorded and toured with the band since then. Tony is still an official member of MONSTROSITY but has been handling the second guitarist position in MORBID ANGEL since September 2003. MONSTROSITY have been using former member Mark English to fill Tony's place when he is touring with MORBID ANGEL.

MONSTROSITY are currently writing the follow-up to "Rise to Power". A 2006 release is expected.

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