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For anyone who enjoys company and rock music and is remotely interested

I have been looking up diff bands that are new to me for new listening and also in general for concert info. I am really interested in going to Warped Tour and Lunatic Luau (which is only specific to Virginia) and the only problem is I would not want to go to a concert by myself, so if anyone reading this lives in the general vicinity of the state of Virginia or would just like company and to meet a new friend who has nerver to drive down here or up here depending on what direction you are coming from just leave me a generous comment, thanks!

Dates are July 28 for Lunatic Luau which are showcasing Rob Zombie, Chevelle and I think Mudvayne among others. Warped tour is not going to be here until August I am pretty sure. Oh yeah there's also a nice concert at the NY State Fair this year which is in the city of Syracuse where most of my Dad's family lives (of course it figures I was there last year!) It is going to be Nickelback, Seether, Crossfade and Dark New Day which is a new band with ex-members of Creed and Sevendust. I have heard their new single it is pretty good.

Oh yeah and let us not forget Ozzfest, which, really I could take or leave, even though it seems like they got quite a few more I would be interested in than last year.
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