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Evolution festival, Italy, July 16th 2005

Hello to Everybody! It's finally time for you to have some pics of the show I attended last Saturday.

This Festival is called Evolution Fest and took place in the stadium of beautiful town on the Garda Lake, called Toscolano Maderno. It's the first year that it takes place but it's surely the best festival ever arranged in Italy and... the bands..? Oh check them out ;)

In order of appearance

Panic DHH: I got into the stadium only too late to say something about them. I only can say that the few notes I listened to weren't very impressive. My male friends told that they were worthy because of their bassist... bah...

Dark Tranquillity: no need to say that they're my fave band of all times. It was the third time for me at their shows but I always saw then in small clubs, so I thought they would have lost their peculiar energies and musical power on a big stage like the Evolution one. Luckily I was wrong. They had to play at Midday because they had to fly to Finland to play at another Festival on Sunday. One hour and a half under an indifferent sun with a great band playing. Mikael Stanne was good-humoured as his usual and always running here and there, talking with the crowd and apologizing for the time of the day they had to play at. Martin Henriksson always banging his head here and there and sounding perfect, especially when he introduced "Therein". And the songs... the only one that was missed was "Hours passed in exile" which is actually my favourite Dark Tranquillity's song. Here's the songs they played: "The treason wall", "Lost to apathy", "Through smudged lenses", "Haven", "White noise, black silence", "The new build", "The wonders at your feet", "The sun fired blanks", "Monochromatic stains", "The endless feed", "Punish my heaven", "Lethe", "Scythe,  rage and roses", "My negation", "Final resistance". Enjoy the pics:


No need to say that I was in the first row: here's Mikael attempting his own life by climbing the stage itself

The Henriksson ruling

More pics at:

The Vision Bleak: while getting to the lake I took a last listen to their "The deathship has a new captain". I thought they're good, anything so special, but good... and I like the way they show themselves in pics, sites and their way to be somehow "intellectual". But actually I don't think they're impressive enough for such a stage. They stood still and didn't manage to involve the crowd that, after Dark Tranquillity, was only looking for water and some food. I just want to have the chance to see them again in a small place... But I like their "zombie" look :) and it was quite sad to see them wandering through the stadium all the day long without anybody to greet them, poor Visions... ;)

Dark Lunacy: they're an Italian "dramatic" death metal band. Their "Devoid" album is something I strongly recommend to everybody who likes the Swedish melodic death. It's somewhat particular and that's what I appreciated in them... but actually, they lose every particular quality in their live-shows. They didn't impress me that much when I saw them (with Dark Tranquillity again) in 2003 but I thought it was my fault because I didn't know them at that time. It's not my fault actually... they tend to sound boring and repetitive... first time falling on the grass and trying to have a shower because it was too hot and sunny.

Vision Divine: other Italian band... Italian power band. Since I don't like power metal that much and it was the third time that they crossed my musical path, I decided to skip them and search for water and freshness... So there's something else.

Metalheads bathing... yes, sometimes they even bathe... in the lake of course and sometimes even all dressed up!! In this pic there are not only metalheads, but anyway... just to show you where this festival took place

Orphaned Land: I won't find enough words to describe them. I was really looking forward to seeing their show because I really enjoyed "Mabool", their last album, and it was their very first time here in Italy. It was a great honour to take part in such a *perfect* show. They're amazing musicians and most probably these are their first times on big stages with hundreds people supporting them and singing along so they still have the energies to enjoy themselves. The crowd, which actually didn't know them so much, was staring at them or getting mad because they were powerful, amazing, funny, perfect in one word! Their mix-up genre can sound little chaotic to who hasn't listened to them yet, because they try (successfully of course) to mix up prog and death plus some Arabian folk music. The perfection of their masterpiece "Mabool" isn't enough to give you an idea of their live-perfection, you shall go and see them. And... they're not only amazing and handsome (I'm talking abou the keyboard player Eden Rabin ;) but also nice... While introducing their last song they told us it was a song everybody knew the lyrics... thousands of metalheads looking and questioning each other when the first notes came out... nobody could understand what it was unless Kobi (the singer) started singing in a perfect Italian (they come from Israeli) an old and very famous song here in Italy which is "Volare", something that has nothing to share with metal but they played their own metal version which was the very best moment of the whole festival and can you see rude metalheads leaving their beers and starting singing "Volare oooh-oh-oh-oh"..? Thanks to the Orphans, because they were... well, great!? It's not enough!!!


Eden ^^

Lordi: nothing more to say than: look at the pictures :P

Entombed: I was really too tired to listen to them to make the review they deserve and I was caught into the hunting-race for Orphaned Land... I think most of you know them and so there not many words to say. Sorry no pics for this artist :( I was trying to gain some food.

Sebastian Bach: the ex-Skid Row... someone can tell me how old is he..!? Because he managed to climb the stage better than Mikael Stanne did, eheh what an insane man... I think that he was the real star of the night and many people were ther only for him. He played many Skid Row's songs and was surrounded by the warmth of the crowd and awesome musicians (Steve DiGiorgio). Good show even if not really my kind of music ;)

Nightwish: headliner... uh... well, I saw them in October in Milan with Sonata Arctica. Tarja was really perfect and her voice was beautiful and clear. It was really a great show... this time... they had 50 minutes delay to have the stage ready for them and then the first time Tarja sang, everybody realised her voice wasn't working well, at least not at her usual level. Their first 3-4 songs were affected by this thing... and I'm so sorry to say that this affected all the show. The male singer was so drunk and so looked the other members... not a professional show I'm afraid to say. Neither the Pink Floyd's cover "High Hopes" nor the Finnish song "Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan" manage to make it better. I'll give them another chance at the Wacken Open Air, but this time was really a delusion... and other problem: the songs are always the same and so it's what the singer keep on saying to the crowd... Well done for "Over the hills and far away" and "I wish I had an angel" which were the only songs I really enjoyed.

If you want more pics of Nightwish you can go to the Official Italian Nightwish's Fan Club here:

Panic DHH, Lordi, Sebastian Bach and Nightwish pictures taken by corvus666 .

I have more and more pictures especially of Dark Tranquillity and Orphaned Land. If you feel like talking about anything or asking me anything about these bands I'll surely be happy to do it... If you also want some other pics please mail me at:

Bye and \m/

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