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\m/Name: Jenna
\m/Age: 16
\m/Location: Lynchburg, VA
\m/Gender: Femme Fatal

\m/Ten favorite bands(don't all have to be metal bands): Tool, APC, Opeth, Strapping Young Lad, Rob Zombie, NIN, Slayer, old Metallica, Six Feet Under, The Used

\m/Five favorite movies: The Shawshank Redemption, Dead Poets Society, Fight Club, October Sky, White Oleander

\m/Five favorite books: Fight Club (Chuck Palahniuk), White Oleander (Janet Fitch), The Wastelands (Stephen King), Pet Sematary (Stephen King), Brave New World (Aldous Huxley)

\m/What is an interesting fact about you? One of my eyebrows is pure white

\m/If you could be anything besides yourself for a day, what would you be, and why? A brick at Machu Pichu. I could be part of one of the most beautiful entities the world has ever known. And I could observe the Andes Mountains and everything with no other thoughts but the beauty of my surroundings.

\m/What was the Best Metal concert you've been to? Metallica/ Godsmack. For those of you who are skeptical about Godsmack, go see them live. I swear you will have new-found respect for them. And Metallica just dominated. Period.

\m/As this is a new community, please post our banner (your choice of banners below) in your own journal. If you are in a community that WELCOMES community banners, post one there as well. No problem =)

\m/Post a pic of yourself. If not of yourself, then of your art, or any picture you'd like to share. If you dont have an Image Host, I suggest using one such as . The image must show up in your introduction, not just the link.

Me dressed up for once =)
This is my favorite drawing I've done. Trent from the "Closer" video.
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