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good stuff.

VOIVOD signs with The End Records

The End Records, already known for its eclectic cutting-edge roster, has signed the legendary Voivod for the USA. Hailed as one of the most important groundbreakers in metal, Voivod's ever-evolving progressive mindset is a perfect fit for The End.

The band will enter the studio in the fall of 2005. Release date for the band's 11th studio album is not yet confirmed, but should appear sometime in early 2006.

Drummer Michel Langevin (aka Away) confirms that the band has completed the writing of the album, describing the material as "heavy" and "experimental".

Regarding the new partnership, Voivod states: "We are very proud to join The End Records in their quest to promote modern heavy music. A perfect home for a band like Voivod."
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