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Dimbag Tribute

DREAM THEATER were joined by special guests Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH), Burton C. Bell (FEAR FACTORY) and Russell Allen (SYMPHONY X) during the final song of their set — a cover of PANTERA's "Cemetary Gates", in honor of fallen hometown hero "Dimebag" Darrrell Abbott — Tuesday night (August 2) at Nokia Live in Dallas, Texas. DREAM THEATER's complete setlist for the Dallas show was as follows:

01. The Root Of All Evil
02. A Fortune In Lies
03. Fatal Tragedy
04. Panic Attack
05. Just Let Me Breathe
06. Endless Sacrifice
07. The Mirror / Lie
08. As I Am
09. Pull Me Under

10. Cemetary Gates (PANTERA cover) w/ special guests Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH), Burton C. Bell (FEAR FACTORY) and Russell Allen (SYMPHONY X)

DREAM THEATER and MEGADETH are currently co-headlining the six-week Gigantour, also featuring FEAR FACTORY, NEVERMORE, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, LIFE OF AGONY, BOBAFLEX and SYMPHONY X.

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