high, high birdie (candycane_rix) wrote in fem_metalheads,
high, high birdie


\m/Name: Sarah
\m/Age: 17
\m/Location: Cleveland
\m/Gender: Well, I hope the answer would always be female

\m/Ten favorite bands: Blind Guardian, E Nomine, Sonata Artica, Otyg, MoonSorrow, Donovan Leitch, Wumpscut, Suidakra, Jag Panzer (mostly because of The Moors), Apocalyptica

\m/Five favorite movies: Good Bye, Lenin; The Messenger; Kung Fu Hustle; Awakenings; Twin Warriors

\m/Five favorite books: Stiff Mary Roach, Pastures of Heaven John Steinbeck, The Once and Future King T.H. White, All Quiet on the Western Front Erich Maria Remarque, The Silver Chair C.S. Leiws



Anyways, if any of you like Berserk, then you should check out this video.
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