Vanamal Lucifer (orgasmaddcit) wrote in fem_metalheads,
Vanamal Lucifer

In The End

I recently bought the new Kittie cd, In The End. As most of you know already, by popular opinion, Kittie's debut album, Spit went gold. Their first single was Brackish. When Spit came out, kittie had the members Morgan and Mercedes, Tanya, and Fallon. Tanya left to finish school before Spit hit shelves, so they replaced and credited Talena with all the guitars on Spit.
Kittie's second album, Oracle was a huge dossappointment to all of the Kittie fans. It was a completely different sound from their first album and just wasnt what we wanted. All in all, in my opinion, it blew.
Kittie just came out with a new album, In the End, in late July, 2004. I must say, by just listening to the single Career Suicide, i knew this would be a good third try.
I sugest everyone check out the new Kittie album.
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