NAME (feedmetofailure) wrote in fem_metalheads,

I am now a proud owner of the new War Within Shadows Fall cd and it owns my bum bum. Damn I love that band, they have once again successfully put together another amazing kick ass album. I don't mean to sound corny or anything but you get a really good deal on that cd. It comes with, One. The cd itself, Two. A Century Media disc featuring God Forbid- Antihero, The Haunted- All Aganist All, DieCast- Medieval, Heaven Shall Burn- The weapon they burn, and Stampin' Ground- Bear The Scars, Three. A DVD which has live preformances of Stepping Outside The Circle, One Of Blood and A Fire In Babylon, Two guitar lessions with Jon Donais and Matt Bachand and drum lessons with Jason Bittner.
Awsome awsome awsome. Get up. Go out. Get it.
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