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Last night I was lucky enough to see GOATWHORE and VENOM on the last stop of their Ten Commandments tour, so I feel it necessary to offer a brief summary of the show. The following is pretty much copied from my personal journal, with a few changes:

We got lost in Philadelphia and missed all the opening bands (one of which was Devil Driver, apparently, so I'm glad), but we arrived at the Trocadero JUST as Goatwhore finished setting up. I managed to work my way almost to the front until there was only one layer of crowd between me and the barrier, so I got a very good view of Falgoust's lovely long hair being tossed all over the place and Sammy's extremely awesome guitar skills.

Goatwhore presented a lot of energy, I was very impressed, but disappointed that the crowd seemed so lackluster until about halfway through their set. They played some songs from the new album, as well as a few of my personal favorites from Funeral Dirge for A Rotting Sun. I really enjoyed their set and got really into it. Falgoust got the crowd really psyched up before Venom's set, making the comment that, "Venom is the reason you worship Satan!"

Venom took a while to set up, but I suppose everyone was willing to wait because it's Venom. The crowd was a lot of fun once they started playing (they opened with "Black Metal"). Although, I still think it's silly that the whole band wore Venom t-shirts. Cronos wore a Venom t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off and the bottom third missing, so we were able to see ample fleshiness. That's not so attractive on someone who's been playing metal for 21 years. They played a few tracks from Metal Black, and made a few rips about nu-metal. All in all it was a good time.

Additionally, last weekend I got to see Carnivore at the Starland Ballroom in Sayerville, NJ, thanks to my boyfriend's persuasion. While I can't judge Carnivore, as I'd never listened to them before the show, I can definitely say that of the four bands that opened up for them, MUTINY deserves mention for their awesome combination of power and black metal (that's what it sounded like to me, their myspace calls it "Neoclassical/Progressive Death Metal"). MR. GRIM also deserve merit for being the silliest grindcore band ever.
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