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Do any other girls get pissed off by this?

I figured this would be very appropriate for a community full of metal loving girls : )

So, I have noticed this at every single concert I have ever been to, but it really came to my attention when I recently went to see Dragonforce and me and my friend Jamie got up front. As I looked around us, I realized we were the only girls in there. And when Jamie got out, it was only me. Where are all the metal chicks?
As I fought to get closer, the guys in front of me would turn around to see who was slamming into them and see me and be genuinely shocked that I was a girl. I asked my friend Alex why they looked so shocked, and he said "Mallory, girls just don't belong in there." >_< That bothers me so much. I handled myself more than fine in there and had a great time. Why don't I belong?
Then I started thinking about the girls I usually see at metal shows and realized where all these guys were coming from. Most of the girls I see are wearing teensy little skirts with fishnets and unwieldy boots and very skimpy shirts. And then they just stand there and do not do anything at all. No singing along, no throwing up the horns, nothing. I mean hey, don't get me wrong, I love wearing my boots and my fishnets and skirts and all that, just not to metal shows. You can't bend over and headbang in a mini skirt. You can't fight your way through a pit in huge-heeled boots. I wear my sneakers, jeans, and probably a band shirt and my studded vest. Nothing fancy, just practical.
It's girls like that who are the reason why I get looks of surprise when I headbang or try to get up on the barricade. Metal shows are about seeing a band you love, not showcasing yourself. Does anyone else get annoyed by this?
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