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Bearing gifts.

So ja, presents for j00 all. In the form of albums. Weee. ^_^

Weakling - Dead as Dreams
| Amazing U.S. Black Metal. My personal favourite Black Metal band of all time, in fact. Followed by Drudkh (below). Truly sublime, war inspired, crushing. Love it. =)

Drudkh - Forgotten Legends
| Ukrainian Black Metal. Depressing, but beautifully so, in a warm, comforting way. The first track off of this album, False Dawn, is one of the best songs I've ever heard. Drudkh is repitition, atmosphere, and feeling. You won't find a single solo in a Drudkh song until you get to their fourth (and latest) studio album. Everything is solid, though, and ultimately a pleasure to listen to.

The Gault - Even as All Before Us
| One of my favourite albums ever. Doom Metal, from San Francisco. The Gault is like a blend of Weakling and Amber Asylum, both in terms of music and lineup. Introspective and dark, this music is slow but intense. The last three minutes of Outer Dark send chills down my spine every time I hear them.

Dead Can Dance - Within the Realm of a Dying Sun
| Last, but certainly not least. Not metal, but incredible nonetheless. Dead Can Dance play a mix of gothic, darkwave, and world music, and very skillfully so. Again, one of my favourite albums. My personal favourite tracks would have to be Xavier and Summoning of the Muse, although all are spectacular.

So yeah, enjoy! =)
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