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m/Name: Alex

\m/Age: 16

\m/Location: Philadelphia

\m/Gender: Female

\m/Ten favorite bands(don't all have to be metal bands): Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth, Finntroll, Bathory, Burzum, Korpiklaani, Vintersorg, The Cure, The Smiths, AFI 

\m/Five favorite movies: Lord of the Rings, Gone with the Wind, Lady and the Tramp, Rushmore, and Marie Antoinette

\m/Five favorite books: Anything by Tolkien, Girl Interrupted, Lord of the Flies, 1984, and I Capture the Castle. 

\m/What is an interesting fact about you? I collect Lord of the Rings action figures haha.   I'm pretty nerdy.  I also started collecting Tarot cards.  

\m/If you could be anything besides yourself for a day, what would you be, and why? A kid again.  I'd love to be able to just take naps and drink juice all day haha...although I do that quite often. 

\m/What was the Best Metal concert you've been to?  Oh shit...umm..I've seen Bodom twice and that's it.  I can't decide which one was better though because the first time I saw them I met my best friend and the second time it was my birthday.  So I'll just say both times seeing Bodom. 

\m/Post a pic of yourself. If not of yourself, then of your art, or any picture you'd like to share. 

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