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.how can you leave me like this?.

Already posted in my own journal, but I thought I'd inject some life into here as well...

Well I got Metal Hammer the other day and the entire staff had done their "top 20" list of albums from 2006, sooooo ... I did too. Yay!

1. Cradle of Filth - "Thornography"
Yeh oki, fairly obvious choice from me there. To be honest I think Thornography has an even more 'wacky' sound (compaired to usual Cradle, I mean) then Nymphetamine, but I still like it. I don't get the people who are slagging off their cover of Heaven 17's "Temptation" - yes it's different, but isn't that what make Cradle awesome? :)

2. Angtoria - "God Has a Plan For Us All"
Omg, I waited so long for this to come out. And, amazingly, it WAS as good as I'd hoped - y'know, sometimes you're waiting for an album so badly that when it comes out it doesn't quite live up? Not with Angtoria, beautiful music and beautiful vocals and incredible lyrics. LOVE. SEND ME MORE.

3. Emilie Autumn - "Opheliac"
This is another of those albums I searched endlessly for. In the end I found it in this obscure music shop in London that carries ALL the gothic, symphonic, electro, punk, metal-in-general crap you could think of. This girl is amazing, I love everything about her. I can't decide if I'm more in awe of her vocal talents, violin talents or lyrical talents. XD But aahhh ... love her. :)

4. Falconer - "Northwind"
I found this band and album completely by accident. I'd never even heard of them when I saw the album up for free download, so I took it and never looked back mwahahahaaa. I love the cheese. :D Think Kamelot vocals, with ... uh ... well more traditional power metal music, hehehe. Gorgeous stuff. :)

5. Korpiklaani - "Tales Along This Road"
Omg. Korpiklaani. What can I say? ANOTHER band both I and soadboy searched for after I got "Hunting Song" free on a Metal Hammer CD. And couldn't find 'em anywhere, gaaaaahhh. But then: the joy of sneaky music download search things! HURRAH. Korpiklaani is fun and happy and as good as Finntroll, if not better. I love folk metal so much.

And the rest that I can't be arsed to write about right now. XD

6. Strapping Young Lad - "The New Black"
7. Nightwish - "End Of An Era: Live"
8. Heaven Shall Burn - "Deaf To Our Prayers"
9. Satyricon - "Now Diabolical"
10. Leaves' Eyes - "Legend Land"
11. The Dresden Dolls - "Yes, Virginia"
12. Scar Symmetry - "Pitch Black Progress"
13. Mortal Love - "Forever Will Be Gone"
14. Children of Bodom - "Are You Dead Yet?"
15. Sikth - "Death of a Dead Day"

And that's it, because I can't think of another five. :|
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