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Sorry this is off-topic.

Listen up metalheads!
This is serious shit, PASS IT ON! On myspace, on other communities, on forums, tell your friends and family, it's a small costless things to help the planet!

We turn ALL LIGHTS AND ELECTRIC APPLIANCES OFF February 1st, from 19h55 to 20h00!


Subject: URGENT : Action against global warming!

February 1st 2007:
Participate to the biggest mobilisation against global warming!
The Alliance for the Planet (group of environmental associations worldwide) send a mass message to populations worldwide, 5 minutes for the planet : everyone closes their lights on February 1st 2007 between 19h55 and 20h00 (Eastern time). This is not about saving 5 minutes of electricity, but to bring the problem up in the medias, to let people know about the urgency of the problem, and to let the Governments know that we as a people are agaist massive wastes of energy and that it's time for them to react and take action!

A 5 minutes break for the planet : it doesn't take long, it doesn't cost a thing, and it'll show the men and women we elected that global warming is an important matter that should be discussed more seriously in political debates.

Why Feb. 1st? On that date, in Paris, the new report on global warming hailing from the group of scientific experts at United Nations will come out. As this event takes place, the least we can do as citizens of Planet Earth is to bring as much attention to the issue as we can!

If every one of us participates, this action can take on real mediatic and political importance!

Please pass this on to family members, friends and to your whole network, not only on Myspace! Pass it on by email, on your website, anything that can make this bigger is more than welcome!

Contact/ information : Cyrielle, Les Amis de la Terre :00 33 1 48 51 18 95.

This action is supported by :

Acidd :
Action Consommation :
Adome :
Agir pour l’environnement :
Arutam :
Blue Initiative :
CollecT-if environnement
Greenpeace :
L’association de coopération sociétale :
Le Festival du Vent
L’intelligence Verte :
Réseau Action Climat - RAC :
Réseau Cheminements
Sortir du nucléaire :
Tchendukua- Ici et Ailleurs :

PASS IT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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