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Plans of Travel

Plans for my journey
Over the next year or so, I am saving up to take a metal pilgrimage around Europe. Go to all the countries that have had an impact on the music I love and cherish kind of thing. So here is where your help comes in.

Where do you guys go? What bars and clubs are the best to see metal bands at in your country/city? Amazing metal record store (My city is blessed with the exsistance of Scrape Records.)? Annual festivals in your area?

Let a little canadian girl in on your secrets! I am planning to write a book on the whole fiasco, so an help is appriciated.

I am also planning on taking my little sister down to Seattle for the first time ever. Basically my sister should hsve been a teenager in the 90s. She is a grunge kid without a doubt. Even dresses like it. So this is a pilgrimage of sorts for her.

We plan to see:
-Jimi's grave
-Layne's grave
-The hotel where Layne was found.
-Kurt's House (I don't really care, but she wants to.)
-The bar where AIC played their first show.
-And of course, The fish market...because they throw fish around. Literally.

Many other adventures shall occure. i'm just looking forward to hanging out with my little sister.

Your always fogiving dungeon master
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