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For Sale

I am going to be selling the following items:

- Tenebrae in Perpetuum's "Onori Funebri Rituali" CD
- A Worship (funeral doom) shirt that has the Worship cross on it with the words "Lerne To Feare God" underneath (XL, more like a large)
- A Mayhem shirt (the one for Chimera, XL)
- Aetherius Obscuritas's "Kinzo Harag" and "Az Ejszaka Csaszara" tapes (obscure black metal)
- Ulver's Bergtatt CD
- Bethlehem's Alles tot EP
- Dapnom's "Melenoiserkwas" tape (black noise numbered 33 out of 200)

...and some non-music related things.

So, if there's any interest... I'm putting them up on ebay Wednesday. So, until then, I'm accepting offers. A post very similar to this is in my journal (obviously a public entry). If you're interested, go there, leave me a comment, and we'll work out the rest through AIM/MSN/Yahoo/email. I have pictures of everything; feel free to ask questions. Alright.


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