My friends refer to me as Serge (northseastorm) wrote in fem_metalheads,
My friends refer to me as Serge

10:28:05 PM rzarector282: on an unrelated note
10:28:10 PM rzarector282: emperor goes to jamba juice
10:28:10 PM rzarector282: lol
10:28:14 PM sovietserge: what
10:28:17 PM rzarector282: the band
10:28:18 PM rzarector282: emperor
10:28:23 PM rzarector282: likes jamba juice
10:28:25 PM sovietserge: what
10:28:29 PM rzarector282: the smoothie place
10:28:41 PM rzarector282: Two members of the legendary Norwegian Black Metal band Emperor enter Michigan Avenue's Jamba Juice, where I work. Vocalist Ihsahn and Axeman Samoth are both in town for a sold-out show at the Metro, and stop in for a late breakfast while taking in the city. I don't recognize them at first, what without their corpsepaint or bullet belts.
10:28:54 PM rzarector282: Ihsahn had a Mango A Go-Go with an immunity boost, Samoth had a Strawberries Whirl, also with immunity.
10:29:00 PM rzarector282: i don't know why this is so funny but it is
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