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Lamb of God w/ Hatebreed and Behemoth, July 23rd Vanouver BC

So I'm hot shit right? Dressed to the nines. Freaking out because Behemoth is one of my favorite bands. I got super baked, super drunk and headed my way over the the Croatian Cultural Center in East Vancouver.  Needless to say, mayhem ensued.

First band up was 3 Inches of Blood. They are kind of our local opening band here in Van. They have opened for the likes of DImmu, Cradle and countless others. I am not a huge fan, but i got to love these guys. They come into the tattoo and piercing shop I work at for body mods. They make me laugh. And they are great live. The sound was decent. They were looking good and the windmills these guys were doing were impressive. But nothing compared to Behemoth.

Crazy. Nuts. Bonky. Insane. Awesome. Behemoth rocked me hard and gave me a nice nice set of bruises on my thighs from being hoisted up in the mosh pit by a few buddies. Sound was a little muddied (but the CCC is nothing more than a glorified gym). And Nergal belted like no one's buisness. and the headbanging going on stage was some of the best I've seen in a while. Plus they had the best line of the entire show.
Nergal: "You guys know what time it is?"
Crowd: *cheers and hoots and horns*
Nergal: "It's time to throw those Christians to the mother fucking Lions!!!!"

Then came Hatebreed. Now I will preface this with the fact that I cannot stand these guys on album. At all. But HOLY SHIT! Easily one of the best mosh pits I have ever been in. The entire place turned into a circle pit around the sound guys. close too 1000 people hit the pit and it was crazy. Hair everywhere. Fists flying. And all to one of the most high energy acts I have every seen. And this went on for the whole fucking concert.Never have I ever seen anything like that in my life. It turned me into a Hatebreed fan.

Lamb of God of on next. The lights went down. The band came on. And then....only the drums and vocals rang out. No guitar. No bass. Just drums. It was cools for all of half a song. Then it became a "WHAT THE FUCK MAN! I Payed 50 bucks for this!?" The band left the stage with many appologies. We stood there for 20 minutes while the sound and stage crew freaked out and tried to fix it. Lamb of God finally came back, but the energy didn't fully recover. They played some good tunes and the  performance was good, but the guitars remained too quiet and the bass too low. I stuck around to the end, but in all honesty, quite dissappointing.

Verdict? I would like to see Lamb of God  just once without the sound being shit. This is time 3 with them where it's been disappointing. And it's never really there fault. Fucking roadies. Hatebreed ultimately stole the show and Behemoth put on a solid and intense act.  IF any of you guys see them on tour, let me know how it was.
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