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Central Illinois Metalfest

Did anyone else go?This festival was amazing and surprisingly well organized with 13 bands each day of the two festival days and four bands for the pre-fest. The festival days lasted from about 2pm-2am, for nearly 12 hours of brutal death metal each day. Not only were the bands awesome, but the vender stands were ridiculous. I got most of the cds I wanted for $5 each, and the most expensive one I bought (new Mucopus) was only $10. We never have overly brutal shows here, so this was quite a treat. Some of the bands that played included Sikfuk, Sexcrement, Foetopsy, Putrid Pile, Lust of Decay, Lividity, Human Artifacts (the promoter’s band), Devourment (with a guest appearance by their old vocalist, Wayne Knupp, who is the most powerful brutal death vocalist I’ve seen live), Cianide, Estuary, the reunion of Impetigo, Mortician, Screaming Afterbirth, Inherit Disease, Waco Jesus, Jungle Rot and more.

Wayne Knupp does guest vocals with Devourment.

Sexcrement played a great set despite their vocalist having some sort of sickness affecting his throat (and being so intoxicated that he was constantly mooning us). They were one of the most energetic bands of the festival. Dead for Days had a similar excessive amount of energy, but they played way too early in the day and my observation weren’t up to par at the time. Sikfuk and Foetopsy had similarly ridiculously disgusting and funny sets. Sometimes their song descriptions were at least as entertaining as the actual songs. Ex. Song title “Why are these my thoughts, why am I weird?,” “Teabagged at Birth,” and so on. Foetopsy vocalist rather oddly came out wearing a belt of tampons with fake blood dripping over him. He also threw tampons at the crowd, which I thankfully managed not to get hit by. Putrid Pile was my favorite of the one man bands, which are rather odd to see live, I might add. There were three one man bands on the second festival day. I’m often too short to see the drummer anyways, so the pre-recorded drums weren’t all that odd for me, but I imagine it was for the rest of the audience. Estuary was rather interesting. They were a typical, not too exciting, death metal band. However, after listening to their first song and after contemplating their seemly somewhat effeminate vocalist, we discovered that she was in fact female after hearing her announce their next song. She was actually a rather good vocalist and not just there because she was female, which is rather obvious from her not being feminine looking enough for us to realize that she was female immediately. That was fairly cool, as I’m really not fond of female vocalist who are only used because they’re apparently attractive or only because they’re female. Mortician was the most fun for me, as they played last on the last day, and who wouldn’t enjoy three days entirely composed of death metal? They were as good as you would expect, and their bassist looked like an old pirate, which was amusing in itself. Their photographer also asked to take a picture of me, which was fairly weird, but fairly cool anyways. The only band, aside from a few of the pre-fest bands that I didn’t enjoy was Waco Jesus. They were good, I’m sure, but they had some girl dressed as a slut on stage with them to display song title at times, and things like that disturb me. Admittedly, the audience was almost completely male, but it was still rather disgusting. One of the bands did similarly make fun of the audience and himself, as none of them would have any hope of ever getting laid. That, on the other hand, was rather amusing. Anyways, I would highly recommend this festival next year to anyone who like brutal death metal. It was definitely the most fun I’ve had in an incredibly long time.
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