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\m/Name: Roz. Or Dico. Whatever.
\m/Age: 17
\m/Location: Sunderland, UK
\m/Gender: Female

\m/Ten favorite bands(don't all have to be metal bands):
The Smashing Pumpkins [not metal I know]
System of a Down
My Ruin
Fear Factory
In Flames
A Perfect Circle
Psyclon Nine

\m/Five favorite movies:
Empire Records
Battle Royale
Princess Mononoke
Ju-On: The Grudge

\m/Five favorite books:
The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath
Lord of the Flies - William Golding
Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams
Battle Royale mangas [if that counts]
Calvin & Hobbes [if that counts too]

\m/What is an interesting fact about you?
My MP3 player has become one of my limbs.
I adore pretty much all music really. Mainly metal & industrial.
I'm not really that interesting to be honest. I like shit loads of stuff.
Oh, I do have a mild obsession with Japan if that counts for anything.. =)

\m/If you could be anything besides yourself for a day, what would you be, and why?
Any item of Anders [In Flames] wardrobe. That would be a pleasant experience.

\m/What was the Best Metal concert you've been to?
Fear Factory I think. That was freakin' insane!
Or the first time I went to see My Ruin. I got to sing with Tarrie B. I'm straight & all but you wouldn't say no to that woman.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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