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Within the last two weeks, I saw Blind Guardian at their hometown finale for their tour, Gorgoroth, Enthroned, and Tyrant, and I was at Groovy Gore Galore last weekend.

I was late getting to Blind Guardian because of the train strikes in Germany, but I must admit that the crowd in Germany was pretty amazing.  I had seen this tour in Chicago already, but I thought it would be worthwhile to see it again in the arena.  It might be that the Chicago crowds are just boring, but the crowd there was into everything and was able to sing along to everything.  The people in Chicago couldn't even manage the Bard's song, so it was quite a change.  I think they played two rather long encores, including "Majesty," which the people there actually demanded. 

Gorgoroth with Enthroned and Tyrant was one of the more interesting concerts that I've seen.  Tyrant wasn't that great, but they weren't terrible, and Enthroned turned out to be great live.  Their repetitive "Hail Satan" chants were a little comical, but it was amusing anyways.  Gorgoroth also looks just as terrifying in person with their corpse paint as they make themselves out to look in pictures.  I was also pleasantly surprised that they played my favorite song "Profetens Apenbaring," because it's about ten years old.  Their stage show began with some torches being lit around the stage while the room was filled with smoke for several minutes before they came on.  I had a great view that might have been a little too close enough of them, and it only got more interesting from there. 

Groovy Gore Galore was a goregrind festival including Rompeprop, Torsofuck, Cock and Ball Torture and more.  It isn't exactly metal, but it's probably close enough to mention.  Rompeprop is one of my favorites, so I traveled about seven hours to Austria to see them alone, although they just announced that they'll be at CIMF next year anyways.  I would have had a great time anyways, and I managed to find some great Judas Iscariot merchandise there somehow, but I ended up having a much more interesting time.  Since I was alone, was random guy starting talking to me.  I didn't recognize him, but he turned out to be from Rompeprop, so I ended up meeting the band.  They were surprisingly nice and cool, which I wasn't expecting for some reason, considering that they're a gore band.  Their vocalist stopped to talk to me at some point later in the show to make sure I was enjoying myself, since I was alone, and that's just an incredibly weird thing to have happen to you.  Later on a girl came up to me and asked me if I wanted to throw blood at people from the stage with her when Rompeprop came on.  I couldn't resist the prospect of throwing fake blood at the audience, so I ended up covered in theater blood and pouring bottles of fake blood on the crowd.  I guess that means that going to faraway concerts alone isn't always so bad.

Are any of you going to Arnhem Metal Meeting this weekend?  It's being headlined by Satyricon, so I couldn't resist going.
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