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Metal Chick stereotyping

 I dunno, men think they've got the corner on "brutality." They all seem to have set expectations about what women should be, do, think, etc. Especially in metal. I've noticed some things they seem to expect of women who are into metal. Feel free to add some of your own as comments.

>Women should either be "groupies" or "girlfriends." Anything in between, they can't handle.

>Women only listen to Prog/Power, Black, or Melodeath -- no brutal death, grindcore, or evil death metal. Not to mention Doom!

>When attending metal shows, women should either dress like :
 _Hot Topic employees

>When in the "pit," women should be treated like cut glass, unless they're drunk, in whcih case, they make good rag dolls!

>When hitting on a woman at a metal show, act like she doesn't know shit about it. If she does, she's a geek.

>Women into metal in general are geeks anyway.
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