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even though i'm not a mod i am creating a contest. deal with it.


submit your best concert stories!
anything from your first concert to meeting your favorite band.
but it should be funny, weird, memorable, anything like that.
if you win [we'll have people vote] i'll make you an awesome banner to put in your journal info.

heres my entry [even though i'm not allowed to win because i came up with the idea]:

this year i went to ozzfest at PNC in NJ. me and my best friend dani went over to the jagermester tent to check out when slipknot was playing. dani is trying to look into the tent, when someone tries to hand her a sticker. she waves the guy's hand away and says "no i just want to see the times" she looks up and its Evil Jay trying to hand her an Otep sticker. she takes it and stares at him blankly for about half a second. points at him and then manages to say "your.. your.. you!" and then looks over to where Otep just smiles like a six year old and waves her arm off. Otep looks at her for a second and then bursts out laughing. we felt the the two stupidest kids ever. we got online and got them to sign out posters. and then afterwards took a picture with Otep, but the camera didnt go off, so we got a picture with Evil Jay who was really nice...
but me and dani still felt like total idiots.

then when Otep played at the chance i went and saw them [danis parents were being stupid and wouldnt let her go] and i was talking with Ann -okay side note: Anne took me to go see otep on a school night, and shes my babysitting jobs mother... HOW COOL IS THAT- and Evil Jay walks past us with the drummer from Abominatrix and of course i am still retarded and i just waved at him and tried to speak english instead of gibberish [which is my main language when i meet my favorite bands], he gave me a look that said "what planet are you from" and waved back.
i could have killed myself.

if this isnt allowed deleted it. but i thought it was a good idea....

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