CHOKE ME. (pl4ceformyh34d) wrote in fem_metalheads,

meeting bleeding through

see this contest is the shit. or whatever. lol

okay lets see.
when i was at ozzfest in camden new jersey i met lacuna coil on accident, the lead singer chick bumped into me and i was like arn't you that chick from lacua coil blah blah and she gave me an autograph.. and then i met the lead singer to lamb of god, and he told me a i was really cool, and i also met dimmu, i was talking in german and they were listining to what i was saying. i was like oh thanks. i met dave lombardo from slayer, and jamey jasta from hatebreed also.
but earlier i heard that bleeding through was going to be playing.. and they are my favorite metal band.. and i've met so many bands and stuff.. but it's my favorite band.. i worship bleeding through! and they were there.. so i took my friend carleigh and told her she had to come with me ((she was only there the hwole concert really to have fun.. and because i was going)) we were in the middle of the lamb of god pit at the moment so we had to go fucking kicking out.. of corse she wasn't quite happy because that was her first pit, but we got there about 3o minutes early .. lol.. and when they came out.. i was shaking like a fucker.
i walked over there and i was like brandan ((lead singer)) you're so fucking awesome, i love you in a none stalker way" and marta ((keyboards)) was like "you know what.. so do i" and brandan gave me a hug, and marta was like "hopefully i'll see you later on!" and i was liek cool cool..
but when i was walking out i sat down against the building the tent was next to where they were signing and like passed out, that's how happy i was.. then when they were leaving i had no clue where carleigh went she was like oh i will brb and i was like okay, and brandans like get up! and he picked me up and i said "woo" and he laughed and hit me and said "bitch move move!!!" and then marta signed my arm saying "erica's the coolest" so i gave brandan a hug and i went and looked for carleigh XD.. then i left her and found my sister jess during hatebreed, and she was liek HOLY SHIT..
that was atleast my 2nd favorite ozzfest
((if ozzy was there!!! it would of been the best))
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