Anastasia (bitcrusher0423) wrote in fem_metalheads,

my concert story contest entry

I don't know if it's funny or weird, but it was memorable to me, so I'll share it anyway.

On April 14th of this year I went to see Fear Factory and Slipknot on the Jager Tour in Rochester, NY. Fear Factory is my favorite band, and I've always wanted to meet  Burton (lead singer). My friend that I went with surprised me with back stage passes, and I was able to not only meet Burton, but have a pretty good conversation with him. I wrote that conversation down in my next journal entry I wrote after the concert. So I just copied and pasted from that journal entry. (Side notes: 'TheAscension of the Watchers' is his side project, and Fear Factory's newest album came out on April 20th, 2004)

This week I also went to see my favorite band, I got backstage and was able to have an awesome conversation with my most admired musical influence, Burton:
Me: Hi Burt, I just wanted to tell you what a huge fan I am of yours. It's bands like yours that made me want to become a recording engineer.
Burt: You're a recording engineer? Congratulations! That's so respectable for a female.
Me: (Tell him I can't wait until the new album comes out)
Burt: (he says he can't either and reminds me of the date)
Me: Yeah, it comes out 3 days before my birthday and Digimortal came out the day before my birthday.
Burt:(trying to remember the Digimortal release date)
Me: (I tell him)
Burt: (Laughs) Well Happy Birthday, consider it my personal birthday present to you.
Me: (tell him I love The Watchers stuff and can't wait for it. I ask him how that was going.)
Burt: You've heard some of the demos?
Me: Yeah, I love them!
Burt: That's cool, thanks!

He then starts to talk about the project. His eyes lit up and he got so excited when we was talking about it. He tells me all about the label stuff that's going on with that, the expected time line, etc. (I don't know whether he went into details, b/c he knew I would understand the music industry lingo, or whether he was just continuing the conversation, but it was awesome regardless) We shake hands again and I thank him for taking the time to talk to me. He asks me my name again, repeats it and says, it's a pleasure meeting you. He walks away and I couldn't move for a good ten minutes. How many artist tell you it's a pleasure meeting you. It's people like that that deserve to make it.

I stayed backstage for a bit so see if I could meet any of Slipknot. (I really wanted to meet Sid as he's my favorite of the nine). But abandoned that as soon as Fear Factory hit the stage. I was more than happy just to meet Burton. :)

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