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Since everyone did this...

How did you first get into metal, and why? Who were the very first bands you started listening to? Do you still listen to them now?
I first got into metal at the age of 12 when I saw a Dimmu Borgir video on Headbangers Ball, and I really liked it, so I searched for alike bands and I listened to Behemoth, and I went through a Cradle of Filth phase too. The only band that I still really enjoy listening to now from those three is Behemoth. I saw them in concert last summer, and they blew me away. Their stage show was epic.

Has your taste in metal changed since you first started listening to it? If so, how? If not, why not?
My taste in metal has expanded since I started listening to metal. I discovered folk & Viking metal and power metal, and then a while later I found out about doom metal.

What is your favorite subgenre(s) of metal? Least favorite(s)? And why?
My favorite subgenres would be black metal and power metal. I like black metal because of the atmosphere that bands like blutklinge can create with their music. There's just something about black metal that really appeals to me, and I can always be in the mood to listen to it. Also, Power metal, because I love the high vocals, especially Tobias Sammet's vocals in Edguy. Power metal is just epic, and it's nice to listen to. There's some stuff like "Ancient Forest of Elves" by Luca Turrilli that shows how cheesy power metal can be :)

Do you find yourself listening to a subgenre now that you've always hated, but for some reason now enjoy? If so, what?
Well, at first I didn't really like much grind stuff, but now I've opened up to it, because of a band called Robinson.

Is there a band that you still find yourself listening to (or simply obsessing over) after years and years (say, over five)?
Well, I've liked Nightwish for 5 years, but my obsessive phase over them has long ended, but I still enjoy their music.

What role do you tend to admire most in a band? Why?
The drummer, because at shows they have to sit at their throne and just beat the hell out of the drums for over an hour sometimes, and it sounds extremely tiring, and I know I wouldn't be able to do that. lol.

What do you think have been the best releases in 2008 so far? What albums are you anxious to see hit stores?
There have been so many good releases this year...
"Amanethes" by Tiamat
"Gods of the Earth" by the Sword
"Korven Kuningas" by Korpiklaani
"Opus Magnum" by Hollenthon
"Smile" by Boris
"01011001" by Ayreon
"The Scarecrow" by Avantasia
and "The White EP" by Agalloch

They're all amazing albums.

Have you discovered any new bands (circa 2007 - 2008) that you'd recommend to others? If so, who? What subgenre are they in? What drew you to like them?
I'd reccomend Subway to Sally, they're a folk metal band from Germany. Even though I don't know what their lyrics mean, because I can't speak German, I still really enjoy their music. It's fun to listen to.

What concert(s) are you looking forward to attending in the next few months? Or, what show(s) have you attended thus far?
Blackest of the Black tour is in a few months, and so is Opeth :) I can't wait for either of those.
I've seen Behemoth, Belphegor, Children of Bodom, Lacuna Coil, HIM, and 3 inches of Blood live. I've seen more, but those are the only ones worth mentioning.

Who in the metal scene do you find most attractive? (And for the love of God, pick someone else other than Alexi Laiho!) Edit: And post a picture! I'd love to see how everyone's tastes vary!
The guy in the middle is Tobias Sammet. ^^

Do you enjoy any female-fronted metal bands? If so, who? If not, why not?
I love Alhana. They're definately my favorite female fronted metal band. They're from Hungary, and have 3 amazing albums. Also, Lacuna Coil is pretty awesome.

Do you get along with other female metalheads? Or, do you feel a br00tal cat fight just waiting to happen?
For the most part I get along with other female metalheads, unless they act like they're so awesome because they met some person from some band, or they think they listen to better metal than you.

Do you go into the pit at shows, or do you stay on the sidelines?
It depends, I like to go into the pit, but there's always a really fat, bald, guy that's thrashing people around. So, if I can steer clear of that guy, then I mosh in the pit.

Do you think it's difficult, in any way, being a female fan of metal? Do you get teased or doubted because of it? Etc.
I don't think it's difficult being a female fan of metal. Occaisonally I get teased about why I don't just listen to "normal" music, but it doesn't matter to me.

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