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Questionnaire Thing

  • How did you first get into metal, and why? Who were the very first bands you started listening to? Do you still listen to them now?
I just listened to the hard rock stations on the radio. I mean I had started out with hard rock and then slowly because of radio stations and a friend of my I got into metal. It started with more "mainstream" metal bands like Slipknot (I had a bit of an obsession over them), Korn, Distrubed & other such bands, as well as many hardcore/metalcore bands, like All that Remans & As I Lay Dying. I bought a lot of compilations and soundtracks and it broadened my tastes as well as opened up more bands to me. I also have always avidly searched for new music online. And that's what I did. I'm still listening to them, just less.

  • Has your taste in metal changed since you first started listening to it? If so, how? If not, why not?
    As many have said, its broadened mostly.  Although as previously mentioned where I really loved Slipknot. It slowly branched out to gothic metal first like Lacuna Coil & HIM, then just anything really. I've recently fell in love with folk/pagan & viking metal however. And I'll listen to just about anything at least once.

  • What is your favorite subgenre(s) of metal? Least favorite(s)? And why?
    Gothic/symphonic, black, black symphonic, viking/pagan/folk and metalcore for some reason MASSIVELY unknown to me... the vocals appeal to me for some reason
    Least favorite are: "Nu-metal." Even though that's technically where I started. Anything besides Korn, Slipknot & Otep, I can't really stand. At all.

  • Do you find yourself listening to a subgenre now that you've always hated, but for some reason now enjoy? If so, what?
    Well I really enjoy Slipknot, of course, and some Korn, and looove Otep. So, eh.

  • Is there a band that you still find yourself listening to (or simply obsessing over) after years and years (say, over five)?
    HIM. I know they're not technically metal in some respects but they're gothic metal or their self-proclaimed "love metal." Especially their new stuff... they went back to the metal roots after doing more mellow goth-pop-ish stuff.

  • What role do you tend to admire most in a band? Why?
    Whoever is the songwriter. Haha. I'm a poet at heart, so it makes sense. So I obviously really admire vocalists, which is a tad lame, I know but I enjoy listening to the passion in their voices, and simply their vocals, clean or not.

  • What do you think have been the best releases in 2008 so far? What albums are you anxious to see hit stores?
    I have no idea about the best releases but I'm really anxious for Amon Amarth's "Twilight of the Thunder God." It's going to be fucking kickass.

  • Have you discovered any new bands (circa 2007 - 2008) that you'd recommend to others? If so, who? What subgenre are they in? What drew you to like them?
    None that I can think of at the moment. Hmmm...

  • Who in the metal scene do you find most attractive? (And for the love of God, pick someone else other than Alexi Laiho!) Edit: And post a picture! I'd love to see how everyone's tastes vary!

    Vreth from Finntroll

  • Do you enjoy any female-fronted metal bands? If so, who? If not, why not?
    I love them. Whether their vocals are clean or not. Haha. I could listen to Thorr's Hammer or I could listen to Leaves' Eyes. *shrug*

  • Do you get along with other female metalheads? Or, do you feel a br00tal cat fight just waiting to happen?
    Yes. It's the male metalheads I have a problem with sometimes. Usually they're cool though. I just can't stand the "women can't be metal" as you have heard before... heh.

  • Do you go into the pit at shows, or do you stay on the sidelines?
    I stay on the sidelines, simply because it isn't my thing. I'm not "afraid" or anything, I'm just not into it.

  • Do you think it's difficult, in any way, being a female fan of metal? Do you get teased or doubted because of it? Etc.
    I've only ever had to deal with one or two guys who doubt me. But I really haven't come into much contact with metalheads who weren't guys, to be honest.
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