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"Ross the Boss"-new metal leader

the new album by "Ross the Boss"

Some of the older fans might remember "Ross the Boss" Friedmann, Manowar´s former guitarplayer and Co-founder. He now published the album "new metal leader" with his, named after himself, band "Ross the Boss".
I think the songs are ok and they sound like Manowar´s frist 4 albums, but I miss Eric´s voice and singing abilitys. Their singer shouldn´t try to imitate Eric´s styl, but find his own way of singing which I see in a more "rocky"-way.
I wonder what Joey thinks about this album and wether he considers him to be a rival or not, because some unhappy Manowarfans might like Ross better (the "Ross in , Karl out"-fraction). Joey´s songwritting was criticised recently by some fans, despite the announced big book/film/album/pcgame-project. And I´m not talking about the critics about the not well organiced MC-Festival08.
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Tags: music: news

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