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Here's something everyone should see: what not to do.

Hey, Great Kat! Get your trashy ass outta metal, you make us women look like slobs, whores, and people who can't write a decent song and instead use sped-up classical music as a crappy gimmick.

  • How did you first get into metal, and why? Who were the very first bands you started listening to? Do you still listen to them now?
    Stumbled across Iron Maiden during a random 'Phantom of the Opera' search when I was about 12-13 (was and still am a PotO nerd). First bands were Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and general traditional/heavy/NWOBHM sort of stuff. I still listen to a lot of these bands even though my taste primarily lies elsewhere.

  • Has your taste in metal changed since you first started listening to it? If so, how? If not, why not?
    Yep, it's broadened into pretty much all of the legitimate genres and I'd consider myself fairly knowledgable in most of them.

  • What is your favorite subgenre(s) of metal? Least favorite(s)? And why?
    I have a soft spot for atmospheric black metal. That said, I have a soft spot for just about anything atmospheric.
    Cannot stand most of the deathcore/metalcore bands out there. If you're looking for a good mix of metal and hardcore, why would you listen to trash like that when stuff like crossover exists? I also can't stand most 'prog'.

  • Do you find yourself listening to a subgenre now that you've always hated, but for some reason now enjoy? If so, what?
    I used to hate death metal in my early years but back then I'd only heard of half-witted Gothenburg melodeath and IQ-lowering 'brutal death metal'. I discovered the old school classics shortly after writing off death metal and now favor them heavily over the afore-mentioned garbage. It took me a long time to get into doom/drone but that's since changed and I love the genre.

  • Is there a band that you still find yourself listening to (or simply obsessing over) after years and years (say, over five)?
    *FANGIRL ALERT* Bathory, definitely. So many great and varied albums to choose from.

  • What role do you tend to admire most in a band? Why?
    Drummers. Whilst the vocalists, guitarists, and (sometimes) bassists are prancing around, these guys are doing what seems to be the hardest and most important job in the band. I tend to pay attention to the drums in music (and air drumming, of course :P ) and at shows. Definitely want to start playing the drums myself sometime soon.

  • What do you think have been the best releases in 2008 so far? What albums are you anxious to see hit stores?
    I liked Judas Priest well enough, I liked Portishead (ha, really non-metal but really awesome), I liked Eluveitie, I liked Ossein, etc.
    Not especially looking forward to anything in particular, I just take things as they come.

  • Have you discovered any new bands (circa 2007 - 2008) that you'd recommend to others? If so, who? What subgenre are they in? What drew you to like them?
    Negură Bunget, from Romania. Biggest find of mid-2007. Amazing black metal. Albums must be listened to in their entirety. Atmosphere is damn near perfect. I also discovered a bunch of neofolk and rediscovered my old industrial favorites (no, not NIN) in 2007 and have been loving that too.

  • Who in the metal scene do you find most attractive? (And for the love of God, pick someone else other than Alexi Laiho!) Edit: And post a picture! I'd love to see how everyone's tastes vary!
    Alexi is ugly and Children of Bodom is an over-rated band. Evil Chuck (Death) and Quorthon (Bathory) are not. Pictured respectively.

  • Do you enjoy any female-fronted metal bands? If so, who? If not, why not?
    Symphonic/gothic metal can be okay but it's generally kind of boring. Arch Enemy was better without that dumb twit. I absolutely love Аркона (Arkona) and praise their vocalist, Masha, whenever I can. She makes Angela Gossow and basically most other women in metal sound weak.

  • Do you get along with other female metalheads? Or, do you feel a br00tal cat fight just waiting to happen?
    I get along just fine. Most genuine female metalheads are happy to make female friends who also have a similar taste in music--it gets tiring being friends with just guys. What I don't like is girls who want to be more br00tal than you (to fit in with the guys, of course) or girls who show up at shows just to give the [insert band member] a blowjob/to show off. Seriously, leave the pissing contest to the boys and, as far as I'm concerned, whores and attention-seekers are not welcome.

  • Do you go into the pit at shows, or do you stay on the sidelines
    Occasionally, if there aren't too many big drunk dudes around. I'm a pretty small girl and getting squished isn't on my list of priorities. I usually charm and flirt my way to the front and hang out by the stage so I can both watch the band and the pit. Win-win!

  • Do you think it's difficult, in any way, being a female fan of metal? Do you get teased or doubted because of it? Etc.
    Not really. People think you're some guy's ornamentation at first but once they talk to you they realize you know your shit (and maybe even know more than them, hehe). I generally feel like I'm respected by most male fans, especially since I found and explored on my own without the assistance of a boyfriend.
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