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So, I'm not sure how many of you ladies purchase music as opposed to downloading it; I myself like to purchase CDs (or mp3s from Amazon, when I can find what I'm looking for on there). However, lately I've been spending an absolutely absurd amount of money on music, and can't afford to do so for a while. Of course, when I like a band I'll usually at least purchase some of their music (and sometimes other merch); I like supporting artists I appreciate! but I just can't go around buying entire discographies of imports right now. If I download something I like, I'll usually buy it eventually, when I have the funds.

I'm curious to know what sources those of you that do download use. I currently have Cabos, which accesses LimeWire and a couple of other networks, and I've had some success with it. I've tried looking for torrents, but for some reason this never works for me. Even when I find and download them, they always just sit there with no seeds no matter how long I leave BitTorrent open (I'm using a Mac, if that makes any difference).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions...
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