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Metallica rocked last night. I am a little deaf today, but it was so worth it (and the mild sore throat from too much screaming). But it's my own fault for forgetting my concert-earplugs.

I was hoping they'd play the Unforgiven series. But they did play Cyanide, which very nearly made up for it. My personal favourite off Death Magnetic.

I felt lame for only knowing about half the songs they did (I know the ones that Apo covers, and what's on Black Album and Death Magnetic, and a few random others like Unforgiven 2...otherwise I'm pretty clueless) and for forgetting half the lyrics to Sad But True. Seriously, one of my old favourite songs. And I couldn't even remember the title until halfway through, I was just singing along the bits of lyric I remembered.

If anyone knows what song they did right after Sad But True, before Creeping tell me. I must find it.
I couldn't catch any lyrics, but it was sorta slow and very melodic, with an amazing guitar line. Yeah I know that's not real helpful.
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