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Turisas in Seattle - 11/03/2008

I thought I had posted this earlier in the week, but I guess I totally spaced it.

Monday night I had the great happiness of seeing Turisas live once again here in Seattle. They came through town with Dragonforce and Powerglove.

I just could not get into Powerglove. I just sat there shaking my head wondering WTF?!?!

Turisas were most awesome as I expected. I had the grand honor of explaining to Mathias why he couldn't have a beer on stage from the photopit during the leadup to One More (all ages show). The look of confusion on his face was priceless. After the show I asked him if they ran into that issue last time they were on tour in the US, he said sort of, but not that badly. Had to explain it's a very strict venue.

Dragonforce were interesting live. I can't get into them on cd, but they were sort of fun, and Herman Li is pretty easy on the eyes, so it wasn't a total loss. But, we did leave during their set, we were growing bored. All their songs just sound the same to me. *shrug*

Turisas' setlist was as follows:
Battle Metal
A Portage to the Unknown
One More
In the Court of Jarisleif
To Holmgard and Beyond

As I got my photopass via Turisas, they were the only band I was allowed to shoot.

Link to full set here: http://www.midnyte.net/portfolio/turisas/20081103/

I'll be attending/shooting the Blackest of the Black show in Seattle tomorrow night. I'll hopefully have a few photos from that to post soon.
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