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My review of CoB, Diablo & Cannibal Corpse

Well, it's somewhat of a review...It's more of a description of what went down but I've expressed my thoughts throughout. (I've copied it from my Last.FM) and I apologize for bad grammar. It's probably full of it because I was trying to get my memories down as fast as possible. Plus my computer messed up in the middle so I wasn't willing to lose everything the second time.

I've also found some videos that a guy near the speakers took, so I'm also including them =D (The sound quality isn’t the best. It keeps changing from being distorted to somewhat clear so I think the camera didn’t pick it up too well)

As soon as I found out about this concert, I made my mind up that I was going to attend one way or another. Children of Bodom, my favourite band, in Norwich of all places....There was no way I was going to miss the opportunity. Before I placed my order for the tickets, I almost second thoughts. Cannibal Corpse isn't a band that I'm a fan of. I just said to myself that seeing Bodom outweighed the costs of enduring CC and went with it. I can say that it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It was my first concert, so of course I was nervous.

Diablo was first to play. I'd only ever listened to their album Mimic47 before then, so I was somewhat familiar with their work. In my opinion, they sounded better live than what I've heard on the records. I enjoyed their set, although I was a bit sad that the crowd didn't get into them that much. A lot of people were just standing around and the pit was almost non-existant from what I could see. At least they got a well deserved applause etc after every song. I wish they could've played for longer. More of them rather than CC would've been great.

Then came Cannibal Corpse, which I was bracing myself for. I tried to get into them but that failed miserably. The music was good, but I wasn't too keen on Corpsegrinder's vocals. They were too much for me...I like at least a few words to be audiable, but I couldn't understand a thing he was growling. But at least I knew what to expect. I stood on the steps and waited, politely rocking my head to the beat of the drums. Corpsegrinder said that if we didn't buy their new album (if we didn't already have it) he'd kill us. It just made me laugh. I downloaded it a few hours beforehand to see what it was like. I didn't like it... Also he said that if we people at the back didn't join into the mosh pit, he'd kick our teeth down our throat or something similar. Surely he must have known that not everyone were there to see his band?

By the time CC left the stage, my feet were killing me. I'd been standing in the same spot for 2 hours and I waited about an hour and a half before the venue doors opened. I wasn't willing to give up my spot where I had a good and direct view of the bands.

Children of Bodom came on at about 9:30 PM if I can remember correctly. I must admit I had a brief fangirl moment when they were all present on the stage. I kind of shrieked...They played quite a few of their old songs. I wish more of them were from Something Wild, but I was pleased that we got PlayLake Bodom. I was also extremely happy that they played three of my favourite songs (Hate Me!, PlayAngels Don't Kill and PlayDownfall). CoB interacted with the crowd often. Alexi got us to clap our hands, said things so that we’d yell stuff back (e.g. Are you the motherf*cking hate crew?, Are you tired and want to go to sleep? (After this he made the cutest noise & facial expression. EVAR Like in the Stockholm Knockout DVD), Have you heard of the album called “Something Wild”? etc), and just talked to us a little. It was a lot of fun =D Alexi dedicated PlayBlooddrunk to Jaska because he got so drunk that he fell out of his bunk a few days before. (We all gave him a cheer.) Janne called who I think were sound tech guys (I’m not too sure...) retards because they made him miss the beginning of Angels Don’t Kill. It gave me a little chuckle. Another LULZ worthy moment was when Alexi told us they had been at Glasgow the previous day and people booed about it. The pit seemed to go insane when PlayIn Your Face was performed. From the vibe I got, everyone was enjoying themselves. Some drunk guys behind me were trying to sing PlaySomebody Put Something In My Drink and I nearly had someone fall on me. Fun fun. At one point, I was wondering where Roope was because he seemed to have disappeared. It turns out he was hiding behind Jaska and the awesome drum kit. Henkka seemed to hide behind his hair, bless him. After the “last song” we chanted for them to come back and they did, playing a few more songs including PlayHate Crew Deathroll =) Overall their performance was amazing. I would definitely go to hell and back just to have another chance of seeing them live. I couldn’t walk very well at the end of it and I was on a high. My ears didn’t get back to normal until this morning (17th Feb) as I still had the ringing, but it was worth it. I got a nice t-shirt as a reminder of the awesomeness. Alexi also got a nice present as someone threw some panties at him ;)

We also had the joy of hearing PlayFollow the Reaper, Children of Decadence, PlaySixpounder and PlaySilent Night, Bodom Night amongst a few others than I'm ashamed to say that I can't remember =(.

Seeing your favourite band has to be the best way to lose your concert "virginity" ;)

My overall ratings:
Diablo – 8/10
Cannibal Corpse – 6/10
Children Of Bodom – 10/10 (But, I’m probably biased with that vote =P )

People have told me their thoughts of the concert and it's been mixed views. People have said it was good, whereas others have said it wasn't great and the sound quality was poor. It sounded great to me, but then I haven't had anything to compare it with. Oh well =D

It’s an extremely small venue, holding about 1500 people. BUT it was still good. My favourite video is #3 even if Alexi over-uses the F word ;)

May I add that Alexi sure likes to spit a lot XD

I hope this post is ok. The userinfo said we could post anything so...yep.
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