das Gesicht interessiert mich nicht (zyklon_war) wrote in fem_metalheads,
das Gesicht interessiert mich nicht

so last night i went to Paganfest at the Palladium in worcester, MA. it was amazing i suggest that if it comes to your city or near you that you go! i got to see Korpiklaani, i have waited FOREVER to see them!! it was well worth the wait. i got to meet the whole band :D and after Korpiklaani's set Jonne hugged me from the barricades( so excited about that). Moonsorrow were BRUTAL i cant believe how good they sound live. i dont really care for Primordial, but there drummer is really good. Blackguard i really like they also put on a good show. and last but not least Swashbuckle, they were funny and totally had a great sense of humor. :D
so who is going to paganfest?
the line up went:

kinda sucks Eluveitie didnt go though...

*excuse the cracked out look on my face, i was squished all night at the front HAHA so worth it too!*

me and Matson Johansson of Korpiklaani

me and Jarkko Aaltonen of Korpiklaani

me and Hittavainen Lemmetty of Korpiklaani
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