shadowlily (lady_shadowlily) wrote in fem_metalheads,

Any tiny girls out there?

Sorry if this isn't appropriate to post here, but I have some girlie tees that are WAY too small on me, and I figured some of you tiny ladies might appreciate them. I tried putting them on eBay, but there was very little interest...right now, they're just sitting around gathering dust, which is dumb!

Here's what I have:

~ Windir girlie tee and really awesome custom-cut v neck tank top, both with "Likferd" cover art
~Moonsorrow girlie tee
~Emperor girlie tee (this one is too big)
~Apocalyptica girlie tee

Possibly some others...if there's any interest, I'll post a full list with pictures and measurements. They'd be $8 each plus shipping.

EDIT: I'll be posting pictures and a full list of shirts soon!
Tags: users: stuff for sale
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