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A rant: operatic vocals

Ladies, it's time for a rant.

While I fully support vocal variety in female-fronted bands, I'm getting tired of seeing "no operatic vocals" or some variation thereof when a female-fronted band is mentioned/described - especially if it is a band that utilizes clean vocals.  It basically speaks of the stigma attached to female vocals in metal, and the unnecessarily snide opinions people have towards operatic vocals if they don't like them.  It also speaks of the assumptions people make when they see a band fronted by a woman - as if the world of female-fronted bands is overrun with operatic vocals. 

It's not.  Most of the CDs in my collection that are female-fronted do NOT have operatic vocals.  They are powerful and feminine, but they could not be classified as operatic.  I think the only operatic female bands I have in my collection are Nightwish. (who isn't fronted by an operatic singer anymroe) Epica, and After Forever, whose vocals could only loosely be called operatic simply because Floor is so much more versatile than that.  But I digress...

I think a lot ot female-fronted bands get overlooked beacuse metalheads automatically assume that if it is fronted by a woman, she MUST be an operatic singer.  Furthermore, clean vocals do not = operatic, either.  Believe me, Doro is not the only woman out there who can wail like Dio.

Now, I'm not sure how many of you here may be guilty of this, but if you are one of those who assumes female fronted (especially symphonic or power metal female fronted) = operatic vocals, I challenge you to check out a female fronted metal band regardless of whether or not you think the vocals may be operatic.  I think you'll find you are suprised. 

Here are some bands to start with:
Ebony Ark

I intentionally stayed away from the obvious names, like Doro.  There are many, many other power, progressive, symphonic metal bands fronted by women who do NOT utilize operatic vocals.  And I'm sure there are a few ladies here who could suggest those.  And if you are like me and like the operatic vocals, then I'm sure you share the above frustrations.


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