I fear the Monsters that don't know who they are.. (bloodburden) wrote in fem_metalheads,
I fear the Monsters that don't know who they are..

Intro ::

\m/ Name: Sophia but you can call me Sophie
\m/ Age: 24
\m/ Location: Panama City, Panama (Central America)

\m/ Ten favorite bands(don't all have to be metal bands):
Crisis, Acid Bath, Switchblade Symphony, Jack Off Jill, Emperor, Moonspell, Rotting Christ, Mercyful Fate, Leaves Eyes, Brujeria

\m/ Five favorite movies:
Dracula 1931, Phantom of the Opera Re-make, Army of Darkness, Night of the Living Dead, 28 Days Later

\m/ Five favorite books:
Stardust, Almost Home by Damien Echols, Lords of Chaos, Jeffrey Dahmer An American Nightmare, Devils Knot

\m/ What is an interesting fact about you?
I'm a Graphic/Web Designer I've been designing websites since 1997. I used to make the Crisis official website & the Frightdoll official website, both personal friends of mine.

\m/ If you could be anything besides yourself for a day, what would you be, and why?
I'd never want to be someone else but myself.

\m/ What was the best metal concert you've been to?
I've never been to an actual Metal concert because I live in Panama & good bands rarely ever come my way. Nightwish did come a couple of years ago but I was 15 at the time & couldn't attend. One of my life long goals is to go to a Metal festival someday.

\m/ Do you play a music instrument? If yes, tell us more.
I'm a vocalist. I can sing in many different vocal styles, but my vocal strength lies within Death Metal.

\m/ Post a photo of yourself. If not of yourself, then of your art, or any picture you'd like to share. [If you dont have an Image Host, I suggest using one such as http://www.photobucket.com . The image must show up in your introduction, not just the link.]

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