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Here's a question (or several) for you all: What do you think of stage costumes in metal? Cool/uncool/unnecessary/fun? Where do they cross the line from "badass" to "cheesy"? Is your opinion of a particular band's stage image affected by the music? (For instance, for a band you dislike - might you be more partial to their costumes if you didn't hate the band's music?) Or the other way around - might you have enjoyed their music if they just didn't look like gang of Hamburglars?

Say anything on the subject! Tell the world how you feel!

Basic corpsepaint.
Just some facepaint and street clothes.

Dead & Euronymous, Mayhem

Corpsepaint plus spikes and other such pointy, silver accessories.
Maybe a studded codpiece here and there.

Abbath, Immortal. Avoiding the obvious images to post here.

King & Infernus, Gorgoroth

Stylised corpsepaint and tailored leather outfits.
Beyond DIY Black Metal style.

Shagrath & Silenoz, Dimmu Borgir

Skirts/kilts and warpaint.
Shirts optional.


Skrymer, Finntroll

Viking armor.
Chain mail, fur pelts... any time of the year.

Heri Joensen, Týr

Warlord Nygård, Turisas

Identity Concealers.
Masks and robes and such.

Slipknot... yeah.

Sun O)))

What the fuck?
I just really wanted to post these pictures :P

The Curator, Portal

The many faces of Attila Csihar...

Awesome? Terrible? DISCUSS!
(And post more pictures!)
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